Thursday, March 4, 2010

Winn Dixie Weekly Ad Means You Save Money

I love the Winn Dixie Weekly Ad, whether it's in my newspaper or at the store, because it's a guaranteed money saver. Better yet, getting one online is even better, and Winn Dixie is good about posting it up on a regular basis. I have switched from Publix to Winn Dixie in recent months because my wife and I realized something very obvious: the specials available on a weekly basis at WD supermarkets are simply better.

Another reason the Winn Dixie Weekly Ad is so awesome is that you are actually getting killer specials on things you will actually BUY! I don't know about you, but I just shake my head at how many times some supermarkets weekly ads are permeated with "2 for 1 barbecue sauce". Most places will offer you specials on stuff like condiments and sodas. Winn Dixie, on the other hand, recently offered buy one get one free on strawberries, packaged lettuce, and chicken breasts, just to name a few items that most families can't do without. I mean really, how many bottles of ketchup do you really need?

Winn Dixie Weekly Ad notices are always changing too, just not in the negative way most of us expect. One thing you definitely want to get in on is the Winn Dixie customer rewards program, because a lot of the in-house weekly ads are based on you filling out the customer rewards offers. You walk up to the cashier (when it's your turn, of course!), tell the person (let's not be sexist, they're not all ladies anymore!) the phone number on your account, and viola! That receipt sheds dollars like nobody's business. Happy Shopping, hope this helps you save a buck or two!

The Winn Dixie Weekly Ad Makes Sense

Winn Dixie Weekly Ad notices are just about everyplace you can stumble into. I can always find them in the Sunday paper, with all the other big corporate ads. The difference is, what are the chances of you buying a treadmill for "only $300 !!"? Fact is, you're far more likely to cut coupons and pull your Winn Dixie Ad for the purpose of putting food on the table than you are to go to a high-tech store and buy an LCD television set or laptop computer.

If you're like me, the Winn Dixie Weekly Ad can be a real lifesaver. You can basically go through your whole grocery list and find most everything you need just by going through the weekly ad. And if you're real crafty, find the products in the weekly ad and combine them with some smart coupon cutting and you can wind up getting some stuff almost for free. I call it stacking or combining, and it's totally OK with the store if you do it. I've also noticed Winn Dixie staff to be totally accommodating when it comes to all types of creative saving, so give it a shot! What have you got to lose?

Why do I think the Winn Dixie Weekly Ad makes sense? Because I am also a real foodie and think of myself as a pretty discerning shopper. The stuff at Winn Dixie is awesome, the produce section is the best around, and they have made a real effort to upgrade their stores and improve their service. Overall, the shopping experience there has made a total 180 from years past, when they didn't have as good a reputation. But for my money, especially in these tough economic times, Winn Dixie is awesome! More in the next post!